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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education at St James Catholic College...

The outdoor education course at St James Catholic College covers a range of outdoor pursuits and seeks to make use of the abundant opportunities offered by the surrounding local environment.  Units of study contain both theoretical and practical components and will be assessed in class and out in the field. Topics are covered in an order that makes best use of weather and other conditions during the year but as with all outdoor activities an element of flexibility is required.

Programme Philosophy

The major objectives of this course are


  • Promote personal growth through fun, challenging and positive experiences in the outdoors.
  • Develop an awareness of what the local environment offers and provide skills to treat it with respect.
  • Develop co-operation, teamwork and group responsibility themes.
  • Provide skills and knowledge in a variety of pursuits to provide a base for further development.
  • Catch student interest and hopefully instil a lifelong interest or passion.
  • For a few students begin a pathway to careers in the Outdoors.
  • Give students the skills to safely continue with some pursuits after they leave school.
  • It should provide positive personal growth for all involved.


Programme Structure

The outdoor education class runs on a 2 period per week timetable. In addition some lunchtimes and a few one or two day blocks of school time are used to complete practical work.

The plan of the course follows the seasons and term structure:

Term 1 - Basic camping & hiking skills

Term 2 - Navigation & orienteering

Term 3 – Rock climbing

Term 4 - Bronze Medallion and final camp


Year Overview